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What you need to know now that your kitten/cat has had their initial vaccination course.


What diseases does vaccination protect against?


Your kitten is now protected against- Feline enteritis, cat flu and *leukaemia (*if you opted for this).


Keep your kitten away from other cats for 1 week.


Please note that vaccines are not 100% preventative of these diseases. However, it is vital to have booster injections to reduce the risks and keep your cats immunity strong. You should receive a reminder through the post.




It is very important to get cats neutered unless you intend to breed from them. Allowing your cat to have kittens is not necessary and can be dangerous for them and also expensive and time consuming for you.

Neutering can take place from 4 months of age.


Benefits of castration


  • Less likely to roam and fight

  • Helps eliminate territorial behaviour

  • Helps prevent prostate problems

  • Prevents testicular cancer

  • Helps prevent hernias

  • Reduces inappropriate urination

  • Reduces risk of blocked bladders


For more information on our neutering policies read on here >>


Benefits of spaying


  • Prevents un-wanted pregnancy and un-wanted kittens.

  • Decreases the incidence of breast cancer

  • Eliminates the possibility of developing a life threatening infection of the womb (pyometra)

  • Stops the calling when on heat and unwanted changes in mood associated with it.


Please note that cats are Poly-oestrus which means they don’t have heat cycles as does the dog and constantly come into season. They are also what we call Induced Ovulators which means when the cat is mated the egg will produce and become fertilised. (Think of it as a production line, when the button is pressed the box will be made) A cat can get pregnant again even when still feeding young kittens.


General health


  • Reputable flea and worm treatment on a regular basis is very important for the rest of your cats life.

  • Regular checks by your vet are important to diagnose problems early before you may even notice them. A routine health check is done every time your cat comes for a vaccination.

  • Make sure your kitten is on suitable kitten food. If you need advised on feeding your cat at any point in their life speak to your vet.

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