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Contrary to popular belief, allowing a bitch or a queen to have a litter has no benefit to the animal. Therefore in this practice we recommend neutering of female dogs and cats that are not of breeding stock. The neutering of rabbits and other small furries is also advised as detailed below.





Procedure: Both the ovaries and uterus (womb) are removed.

  • Recommended from six months of age - please speak to your vet

  • Can be done at any stage of the bitch’s life

  • Should be avoided during oestrus/pregnancy. Preferably 4 months post season


The advantages are:

  • Elimination of heat/season

  • No false pregnancies

  • Will not develop pyometra

  • Reduced incidence of mammary tumours


The disadvantages that might occur are:

  • Tendency to put on weight – require less food

  • Urinary incontinence: not common but can occur mainly in larger bitches

  • Changes in coat texture/colour e.g. fluffy coat in Spaniels


Male dogs

Advised from 6 months onwards


Procedure: Both testicles are removed.


The advantages are:

  • Elimination of unsociable sexual tendencies

  • Less inclined to wander

  • Prostate problems eliminated

  • Reduction in incidence of anal adenomas

  • Reduces aggression


The disadvantages are:

  • Weight problems

  • Coat changes





This practice recommends that cats of both sexes, if not required for breeding, should be neutered at an early age. Indiscriminate breeding leads to many stray kittens. (Note: there are fewer problems with weight gain after neutering in cats than in dogs).



Procedure: Both ovaries and uterus (womb) removed.

  • From 4 months onwards

  • Can be done in season or when pregnant

  • Usually done via a flank incision but may be mid-line if owner requests


Tom cats

From 4 months onwards

Both testicles are removed – this is not a vasectomy.




This practice recommends neutering of rabbits if are not used for breeding stock to prevent health related problems due to being entire including tesiticular and ovarian cancers/infections. Neutering also tends to assist with behavioural issues owners tend to find with more than 1 rabbit housed together.



  • Can be done from the age of 4 months (and minimum weight of at least one kilo)

  • Both testicles removed



  • Can be done from the age of 4 months (and mimimum weight of one kilo)

  • Midline incision made and the uterus including ovaries are removed


We offer help and advice on any neutering procedures you may be considering for your pet, as well as all after care and health advice for your pet during and after treatment. For more information call your local Island Veterinary practice, or use our enquiry form.

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Neutering of animals