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What Vaccinations does my puppy need?


Puppies require a vaccination against potentially fatal diseases. This consists of two vaccinations done 2-4 weeks apart from the age of 8 weeks.


Your puppy can also get a kennel cough vaccine to help protect against kennel cough (some kennels require this).


Your puppy will then need a booster vaccination every year.


Do not let your puppy come in to contact with other dogs until a week after their second vaccination. Carry your puppy when visiting the vet.



The most effective type of wormer can be bought from your vet and will kill all types of worms. Some of these worms can be harmful to people so it is very important to worm them regularly throughout their lives.


When should I worm?

Puppies – every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age to 12 weeks of age (dependant on product used, please speak to your vet).


Young dogs – every month until they are 6 months old


Adult dogs – every three months.


It is important to know your dog’s weight for accurate dosing and it is free to come down to the surgery and weigh your dog.



Fleas are commonly found on both dogs and cats. It is important to use flea prevention all year. The only effective way of preventing fleas is to use a product that actually kills fleas. These can only be purchased from your vet. Flea shampoos, collars etc can not offer very effective protection.


There are different types of products and some last for 1 month and others for 2 months. Check with your vet how often you will need to apply the product you purchase. It is very important that all animals in the house are treated on a regular basis. If fleas are found on the animal then the house must be treated as well as 95% of the fleas will be in the house not on the animals.


Healthcare Plan

We would like to introduce you to our Veterinary Care Plan.

The aim is simple, to provide your pets with almost all veterinary care and treatments. It does not matter how many times your pet needs to attend our surgery, all consultations, operations and treatments are completely covered by a fixed annual fee.


Boosters, wormers also are all free of charge within the plan. Neutering and microchips are covered under the plan or half price discount given depending on the premium paid.


More information on continuing treatment and caring for your puppy/dog after their initial vaccinations can be found here >>

Puppy Healthcare Advice

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