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So you've brought your new puppy home! It is a wonderful time for all the family but also a huge responsibility. It's a long term commitment and your local Island Vets practice have all the advice and support you need.


Their health needs:


  • Make an appointment with your local vets for a check-up as soon as possible.

  • Consider a Veterinary Care Plan which will cover you for regular and unexpected medical expenses.

  • If your puppy has had vaccinations ask for the vaccination record or certificate and if they haven’t contact your local vet.


Vaccinations are a very important part of your puppy's early life, more detailed information can be found here >>


  • Both male and female dogs should ideally be neutered at less than a year old, your local vet can give you advice on when will be the best time.

  • Regular grooming is essential as is tooth brushing, if started early enough they can be fun for both you and your puppy.


Their environment:


  • Prepare your home before they arrive; make sure you have food and water bowls, grooming equipment and plenty of toys.

  • Introduce them to the area you want them to go to the toilet in and praise them when they use it.

  • Make sure you have plenty of things for them to chew; rawhide chews, nylon bones and hard biscuits will make sure they don’t chew the things you don’t want them to get their teeth around.

  • Expose your puppy to as many new experiences and people as you can but make sure they feel safe and are supervised around children.


Their diet:


  • Feed them the diet they are used to, introduce new food gradually and use food suitable for your puppies size and breed.

  • Always make sure that fresh water is available, never give them milk.


Their security:


  • A collar and tag are essential and required by law.

  • Microchipping you puppy is advisable and can be carried out by your local vet.

Your new puppy

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